Payment Options


The following options are available for payment of your assessments to your association:

  1. Enroll in our ACH (Automatic Cash Handling) program to setup automatic payments of your assessments. ACH is intended for regular assessments and can not be used to make payments under payment plans. This is the best way to pay your assessments as the ACH withdraw updates based on the approved budget every year! To enroll in our ACH program please contact us as indicated below.
  2. You can mail a check or money order to our payment processing center (preferred method) at PO Box 30710, Los Angeles CA 90030-0710. It should be made out to your association, not to VIS Group, Inc.
  3. You can pay by check or money order in our office or by mail at 8617 Martin Way East, Lacey WA 98516. It should be made out to your association, not to VIS Group, Inc.
  4. You can pay online via Paylease. PayLease is a third party vendor, and they charge a fee for this convenience.
    IMPORTANT! Before using for the first time, please send us an email at or call us at (800) 537-9619 so we can add your address to the system and that it is activated. After our confirmation, when you are ready to make your payment, you’ll want to go to (clickable!). If this is your first time making a payment online through PayLease, you will have to complete the New User Registration. The very first step to do is, at the bottom of the registration page, in the “STREET ADDRESS” box please type HOUSE NUMBERS ONLY of your property (do not use street name) and hit the TAB key. Your address should come up listed on the bottom. Click select and follow the rest of the directions to register and make a payment. If your address does not show up, please email us immediately at and we will contact PayLease to add your address to their database.

Please make sure your checks are payable to your association, not to VIS Group, Inc.

Unfortunately we are not able to accept payment over the phone, or receive cash or debit/credit cards in person at our office.